What to expect

I strive to make every setting as unique as the individual.  It is important to feel at ease and as comfortable as possible.  With children expect fun and play, families expect joy and love, teens and seniors expect creative and new for you and traditional for your parents all at once.


As a location photographer I know a lot of great places to make your individual personality and sense of style come through.  Let me decide or choose the location that you feel fits the best.

What to Wear

Solid colors always photograph well but polka dots and plaid can add a personal flair to any set.  My best word of advice is wear what makes you feel good, makes you comfortable, and helps put you at ease.

What to Bring

Guitar, antique car, paint brushes, animals.  Bring whatever will help make your personality shine through.  A child with his favorite blanket, a family with dad's classic car, a teen with their sports memorabilia, anything that will make your shoot showcase you.

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